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The DataEmerge Help Desk is designed to help promote communication, knowledge base, tracking questions, problems and task. As you know so well we live in such a fast pace work environment, that includes a lot of multitasking, emails, texting, phone calls, and sometimes documentation. I felt that a lot of the information, knowledge and data is either to hard to find, lost or in several different places so why even bother. In the back of my mind I kept thinking it would so be great to capture all of this knowledge in one repository/application so that we could all communicate, share, reuse what is being pushed around. It seemed pretty simple to start up a help desk application to provide our clients a place to do all of this in one place. So please give us feedback on our help desk as you use it.

Please start to add your knowledge, open tickets for questions, task or problems. The key will be that we all use the help desk tool to make it meaningful and useful for as all.

 Please feel free to open up a ticket anytime for questions that you may have. :)

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